The World-Building Leviathan - The inevitable end result of combining anthropology training with runaway imagination. A function-based, outline-focused worksheet designed to help you create your own fictional world within the scope of the story you want to tell. It's easy to get carried away with the world, much more difficult to balance world-building and storytelling. This may help with both.

Character Worksheet - There are many character worksheets floating around on the internet, but this one is mine, revised off of another one whose origins I have since lost to many laptop changes.

Dialect Worksheet - This one based less off of linguistic training and more an aptitude for languages, listening to how people talk, and mimicking that, writing it down for purposes of fleshing out a character and telling a vivid story. Also includes a conlang cheat sheet for when you want to conlang but just can't find the time.

Conlang Cheat Sheet - A quick and dirty form to list any conlang notes you might have come up with in the course of writing. NOTE: this is not a full conlang worksheet,

Plot Arc Worksheet - In case you need a reminder how things are structured and proportioned, a cheat sheet for making your very rough outline or sketch.

Solar System Worksheet - This was a final project for an astronomy course, so it's a bit rough as a worksheet goes, but it is a guide to build your own solar system, if you write that sort of science fiction thing.

Word Count Spreadsheet XLS ODT

Get Paid - A PDF listing of ways to get paid regularly by subscription, by commission as a side hustle (or a primary hustle), or as a tip jar. Soon to add a quick and dirty tax guide.