Kitty Chandler was born in the fair city of Washington DC and as a little girl discovered her grandmother's secret stash of mystery pulps and cozies and was lost forever. Raised and educated in two languages, she spent her childhood doing as little schoolwork and as much story writing as possible before wandering off to the hinter reaches of Wisconsin to study anthropology, history, and whatever else came to mind. After a series of unfortunate career decisions she found herself back in the mountains again, where she curled up in her farmhouse with its castle walls and spends half of her time working at her family business. The other half of her time she spends writing or thinking about the writing she should be doing. She is owned by four cats and supported by an extremely tolerant boyfriend.

After her first submission was accepted by the Starfish Association (yes, really) as a contest winner for an anthology she somehow got the idea that she knew what she was doing. Subsequent short stories were published in the magazine Dream Fantasy, International and the anthology Sleeping Beauty, Indeed. A 8 time Nanowrimo Winner, her current project is a blog called Unspooling Fiction which she shares with her friend and co-conspirator where she picks apart the details of certain television shows. In addition to the blog she is currently working on two novels and two sequel anthologies to her first indie-published book, Black Ice.

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