Kitty's Writing Toolbox

My biggest problem with worldbuilding is that, for me, it's very easy to get distracted. There's all these little details and things to consider, and I end up drowning in a sea of interconnected facts that, nonetheless, do not spawn a coherent and entertaining story on their own.

There are a lot of world-building worksheets out there; this one is a little different. This world-building leviathan, so called because it is a many-tentacled thing that expands as you work on it and eventually creeps into every corner of your brain -- this world-building leviathan is designed with natural segue into writing one (or more) specific novels or series of novels. In other words, this world-building creature requires that you have an outline. That process is built into the worksheet and you will need at least some kind of a coherent idea of the story you want to tell before you even begin. The rest, we'll work on.

This worksheet was originally designed as a 1-task-per-week thing, so there are 52 questions. You can do it in a year or you can do it all in two or three weeks, it's up to you. There are also supplemental questions at certain intervals that you can add or leave out.

Part 1: Scope, Characters, Antagonists, Conflict, Outline

Part 2: Technology, Economics, Magic, Culture, Diversity

Part 3: Protagonists, Antagonists, Economics, Technology (2), Broadening

Part 4: Skills, Details, Culture (2), Bias, Taboos

Part 5: Factions, Mapping, Progress Check, Motivations, History

Part 6: Applied Factions, Geography, Transportation, Applied Geography, Mapping (2)

Part 7: Names, Progress Check, Influence, Prejudice, Youth

Part 8: Normative Standards, Locations, Variation, Timeline, Outline

Part 9: Demographics, Linguistics, Government, Descriptions, Religion

Part 10: Flora and Fauna, Historical Accounts, Short Sketches, Visuals, Outline, A Day In The Life, Finishing Up

It's a Leviathan. On a segue Segway.
Art by InfiniteViking