In Black Ice

The Fantastic Murder of Lawrence Pearce
A flash fiction challenge response describing the murder of the challenging author. Look, I never claimed to be or hang out with nice, placid-minded people. I do a lot of flash fiction about murders, apparently.

Full of Grace
A flash fiction challenge response describing the murder of a day of the week. I never could get the hang of Tuesdays.

Candy Diplomacy
On Halloween Randi takes advantage of the tradition of masks and bending the rules to make everyone be friends against society's best judgment.

In Nerd Girls

Quiet in the Library
A short story for Halloween about the Nerd Girls and their encounter with a lost and very confused vampire. Inspired by this tumblr prompt.

In Blasted Lands

Ghost Story
When Zillah lived, she was a young woman of extraordinary talent and brilliant mind. Prequel short story to Sandborn.

Other Stories

You Left From The Line
Another flash fiction challenge response to the prompt "murdering a day of the week."

Snakes That Rattle
With her squadron dead and her indefinitely grounded, Pilot Lieutenant Hannah feels like she's jumping at shadows. But the story of how bad intelligence led to the ambush doesn't add up, and neither do the motives of the military contractor sniffing around one of the squadron widows. Digging up the truth will not only put her deeper in disgrace, but expose a raft of secrets and put her at risk of an attempted murder charge.


Queen and Parliament
Once upon a time, a young teen had an adventure. Years later, more jaded and wary of sudden trips to the fairy underground, she is again called upon to deal with the consequences of her visit. But these consequences aren't anything like what she had expected.

Some oracles use bloody sacrifices. Some magicians use mirrors or pools of still water. Witches use whatever comes to hand.

Being a witch is a sweet addition to a resume. It's also handy when walking home alone by a dark alley at night.

New year at the witch's cottage brings the whole coven home.

The Inventory
In response to several necromantic crises, the city established a policy that a necrormancer must be present at all death certifications or autopsies to ensure that the dead stay dead unless otherwise authorized. The necromancers and their associates find this ridiculous.