Current Projects

Turing Shrugged -- She was on the bleeding edge, ushering in a new level of virtual reality complete with artificial intelligence indistinguishable from the real thing. But there were hazards no one expected, hazards that had nothing to do with bad code and everything to do with the heights and depths of humanity.
    Final edits
    September 2017

Maybe She's Born With It (Maybe It's Malachy) -- Over on the west coast, three young reality TV starlets look like they have it all and think they have it all together. But when they collide for one horrorshow afternoon with a pair of bumbling demon hunters, they'll find out just how much of the world they haven't been paying attention.
    Second pass edits/Third rewrites
    Early 2018

Nerd Girls Save The World -- The fighter, the knitter, the rocker, the guardian, and the mad scientist. If they can't save the world, they can at least save their high school.
    First rewrites

The Long Road -- A cranky old bastard stumbles through a millenium of history alongside his dearest friend until he trips over his bloodline and falls into a trap baited with all the answers. If Stephen King wrote Brokeback Mountain and stretched it over the last thousand years of European history, it might look something like this.
    First rewrites

Workshop Woes

06 September 2017 Added Facebook link

16 August 2017 Added Patreon, blog links

13 July 2017 Updated sidebar links, added bibliography.

31 December 2016 Added one new story to the fiction page, updated current projects.

25 December 2016 Added two new short stories to the fiction page.

30 September 2016
Sandborn released on Kindle

7 January 2016
Updated fiction index to include multiple formats of Snakes That Rattle.

9 October 2015
Added a build your own solar system worksheet thanks to an Astronomy course on EdX, thus proving I am a total geek and probably a Ravenclaw.

2 October 2015
A little bit more prettying. Added more file formats for free writings. Upcoming: Build Your Own Solar System

1 September 2015
Prettied up most pages to look good in case anyone taking my card at DragonCon sees this.

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