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New Releases

Workshop Woes

9 October 2015
Added a build your own solar system worksheet thanks to an Astronomy course on EdX, thus proving I am a total geek and probably a Ravenclaw.

2 October 2015
A little bit more prettying. Added more file formats for free writings. Upcoming: Build Your Own Solar System

1 September 2015
Prettied up most pages to look good in case anyone taking my card at DragonCon sees this.

12 August 2015
Updated fiction index.

15 November 2014
Created and set up Amazon Author Page, migrated Black Ice to Amazon.

Current Projects
Sandborn - Raised by her father, Dorothy was unaware of her bloodline's legacy, until the day it destroyed her home and killed everyone she knew and loved. Now she must build a new life for herself with the traveling carnival that rescued her, while they look over their shoulders for signs of the malevolent force that pursues them.
    Winter 2015

White Lightning - It's not all sparkles and light for the city fae, although musician and club owner Julian Brightwater makes it look like all parties all the time. But a humans-only sentiment is on the rise, and Julien's safe haven for himself and his misfit friends will soon be anything but.
    October 2015

Gray Matters -- [promo copy]
     October 2016

Current Submissions